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The grape has a far longer history than man. Fossilised leaves and seeds indicates that vines were growing in their natural habitat long before the appearance of man on earth.

Ancient man, no doubt, ate and stored the grapes. Fermentation was the inevitable natural process resulting from the storage of the grapes. The fermented juice was drunk and man became a consumer of wine.

During the last 4 decades of the 19 th century, phylloxera - a small root louse - devastated the European vineyards. The only practical means of growing healthy vines is to graft them onto rootstock of American origin whose roots are resistant to the insect.

Needless to say, this science requires considerable expertise and experience.

The art of vine grafting has been plied by this family since 1912.

We ensure that only the best quality certified material available is collected for grafting and we are committed to the best possible quality products and services.
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